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Board-Certified Psychiatrist / Collaborative Approach to Treatment / Renewed Sense of Self

Board-Certified Psychiatrist
Collaborative Approach to Treatment
Renewed Sense of Self


The ability to connect with your doctor so they can evaluate and help treat you.


Those interested in more personalized services can request an application on your specific needs and options for working together. 

About Dr. Ken

I became a doctor in order to change lives by offering compassionate, personalized, and necessary psychiatric treatment to patients who have experienced mind-altering trauma and who struggle with disabling emotional symptoms.

Your Overall Health starts with a healthy self-image

RMS seeks to provide a comprehensive approach to treating your mental health. Making a commitment to change is one of the hardest things we are asked to do. We get it! So, we make sure you are clear about your expectations of treatment, you are provided information about your illness(es), and we include a comprehensive understanding of your physical health conditions.

Partner with Healthcare Professionals

  1. The increased demand for mental health services can create increased strain on your practice. We welcome the opportunity to have case consultations if treatment is delivered in your state.
  2. Here at RMS we understand the critical need for and limited access to quality mental health services. That does not mean “you take what you can get.” Allow us the opportunity to simultaneously restore hope in the lives of your patients, reduce stigma, and improve treatment outcomes.

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